And the Chili Champ is….

Carolyn Matthews!

After eating bowls of chili until they were fit to burst, the ABSW community voted, declaring Carolyn Matthews the 2011 Chili Champ!

Not only did Carolyn receive the most votes, but her turkey chili was gobbled-up in record time, leaving an empty pot and many full stomachs!  Her secret?  Give that chili some time!  Letting the flavors come together slowly is what did it for this delicious dish.

Chili offerings for 2011 included vegetarian, turkey and beef versions, all of which (in this blogger’s opinion) were down-right tasty!  Recipes were inspired by family favorites, internet finds, and of course, firemen!

Honorable mentions include:

Loretta Moody:  Best Chili by an ABSW Student

Marie Onwubuariri:  Sneakiest Chili  (yes, it REALLY WAS vegetarian)

Micky Holmes:  Most Save-ory Chili

Al Roselius:  Manliest Chili

Jennifer Davidson:  The Biggest Kick!

LeAnn Snow Flesher:  Smartest Chili (in the British Sense)

Nancy Svensson:  Best Use of Corn

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