Worshipping Together

The students of ABSW are a constant reminder of God’s creativity, love, and grace.  Each is working hard to equip himself for ministry in a diverse and ever-shrinking world.  So, when these students invite one another into their paradigm of worship, the experience is not to be missed!

This past week at ABSW, the community was treated to a special chapel service, hosted by ABSW’s Korean students.  It was a joyful and uplifting time, reminding everyone of the power, beauty, and majesty of a God who not only crosses cultural barriers, but lays down common ground so that His followers may come together in worship.

The ABSW community was greatly blessed by the efforts of the students and special guests who worked so hard to make the evening special, sharing the traditional worship and delicious cuisine of the Korean culture.  ABSW extends a special thanks to all those who made this evening possible!

Min. Koan S. Choi offers a warm welcome, and leads the congregation in a responsive reading of Psalm 23
Min. Eung K. Tak gives the opening prayer








Rev. Sung J. Kim reads the evening's Scripture: Acts 27:13-25
Min. Jae E. Kim introduces the GTU Korean Pastor's Wives Choir
 The choir performs a beautiful Korean anthem.
Rev. Eun S. Cho delivers an encouraging sermon: What I Believe

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