Congratulations to the class of 2012!


 On Saturday, May 19th, 2012 the American Baptist Seminary of the West held Commencement at Allen Temple Baptist Church in Oakland, California.  ABSW wishes to congratulate the class of 2012, and looks forward to finding out the ways in which each individual uses their newly-conferred degree to bless their community!

ABSW’s class of 2012 (Pictured from Left to Right):
(Back Row) Jae Eun Kim, Raul Sanchez, Bruce Lohmann, Nathalio Gray, Rose Beeson, Trudy Read, Dorothy Shanks, Vivian McBride, (Front Row) Worthemmi Luikham, Eunkyung Tak, Tanisha Sparks, Brenda Pope, Loretta Moody, Koan Shin Choi, Renee Remy, (Not pictured) Sung Jin Kim, Evelyn Glenn, and Benjamin Heykes
Dr. Nancy Hall of ABSW, Dr. Brenda Guess of Leadership Institute of Allen Temple, and ABSW graduate Brenda Pope.
ABSW graduate Nathalio Gray with Dr. J. Alfred Smith, Sr., ABSW Faculty and Allen Temple Pastor Emeritus
ABSW’s Dr. Peter Yuichi Clark and ABSW graduate Loretta Moody
ABSW alum and Doctor of Ministry student Tappoly Mills with ABSW’s Dr. Ronald Burris
ABSW graduates Nathalio Gray and Bruce Lohmann
ABSW faculty, staff, and graduates ready to begin!

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