A New Year Is Under Way

Last week I was walking through the halls listening (eavesdropping, really) to our professors and students. Dr. Hall was teaching a session on congregational leadership. Students from across the Graduate Theological Union were present. Horacio Da Valle was teaching Contextual Theology down the hall. When you walk through the halls of ABSW you’ll hear English, Spanish, and Korean spoken. Our student body is local and global. That night was no exception.Ron 13

We’re entering our third week of study here at ABSW and things are humming along nicely. Our on-line courses, Baptist Polity and Intro to The Old Testament, are going very well. As I write this, Dr. Flesher and her Teaching Assistant are diligently recording the lectures for the on-line students in Old Testament. We’re on campus and on-line.

Should we start calling it “on-campus”? Perhaps!

You’ll see us on social media a little more, too. You can follow the seminary at @ABSWBerkeley. Our Dean, Dr. Flesher is on Twitter (@lasnow52) as is our Professor of Worship and Theology, Dr. Davidson (@momentofbeing). They have been encouraging their students to share their work if they are also on social media. Follow the hashtags #ABSWBible, #ABSWTheology, and #ABSWChapel to learn more! It’s a good way to get to know our professors and some of our students. And, of course, we’re also on Facebook.

If you’d like to visit us on-campus, please don’t hesitate to reach out. You can e-mail (admission (at) absw (dot) edu) me or give us a call. Plan a visit. Mondays are an especially good day to visit. Chapel is held at 6:00pm and there is a meal that follows. You can sit in on a class as well. We’d love to welcome you as our guest. And keep your eyes and ears open. We’re planning an event in late October featuring saxophonist and Church History Professor, Dr. Ron Burris.

There will be more news to follow!

Tripp Hudgins
Director of Admissions