Columbia Named Among 2015 “Seminaries that Change the World”

We love this kind of news about seminaries. Keep up the great work!

Columbia Connections

The Center for Faith and Service today announced the 2015 list of Seminaries that Change the World.  This year, Columbia Theological Seminary was one of twenty-six institutions named. The group of institutions is theologically, politically and geographically diverse, yet shares a common commitment to work together to strengthen and advance theological insight and leadership in a way that connects faith and service.

The selected seminaries and divinity schools demonstrate great innovation in theological education, in integration with classical approaches for learning, even as they navigate negative stereotypes about organized religion and work to expand narrow definitions of traditional ministry.  Seminaries that Change the World is part of a movement to reclaim the important historical role that theological education has played in promoting community and justice while training and launching local and world leaders in all areas of society.

“The very title, Seminaries that Change the World, is a provocative reminder of what…

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