Guest Post by Beth Ford Friend: Mindful Motherhood

In every day, there are moments to hold in gratitude and moments to offer to God for healing, as well as fears that lurk in the shadows. By bringing these to the light, I grow in freedom. Tomorrow, we begin anew. Sometimes even, in the next hour.

dena douglas hobbs

Today’s motherhood story comes from Beth Ford Friend. Beth and I first met in seminary many moons ago. She was then and still remains a kindred soul. Beth is the mom I wish lived across the street so she could talk me down from my frustrating days with her gentle spirit and remind me to enjoy the good days with her beautiful smile. Even though Beth lives miles away, today she comes to bless us with her own journey on learning to mother from a more contemplative, mindful place. I felt calmer after just reading it. I hope you do too!

When my first son was three weeks old, I met an angel. Her name was Josie, and she was a lactation consultant. I saw her only once, but even now, four years later, her words return to me.

I said something to the effect that the day before had…

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