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Several of us heard this powerful message at the #MissionSummit15 in Kansas City.

Talk with the Preacher

Home Another Way
American Baptist Churches Mission Summit 2015

Acts 9:1-19

ABC SummitGood evening, American Baptists! It’s wonderful to be with you tonight as we gather for worship together.

I’m especially grateful to join you this week in celebrating the ministries of my friends Rev. Dr. Roy Medley and Rev. Dr. Aidsand Wright-Riggins. Roy, Aidsand, your leadership as General Secretary and Executive Director of American Baptist Home Mission Societies has helped us to live into our shared call as American Baptists and, indeed, as followers of Jesus Christ. Because of your capable and prophetic leadership, our denomination is poised to move in to the future with courage and vision.

I myself am proud to be an American Baptist, inspired tonight to live boldly into the adventure of discipleship by the leadership of these friends and so many of you. But unlike some of you “lifers,” I myself come a little late…

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