Auditors Welcome: Three Online Courses Available This Fall

OT – 8174 INTRODUCTION TO THE OLD TESTAMENT: This course will provide a basic online introduction to the study and message of the OT. The successful student will have 1) acquired a socio-cultural and theological overview of the Old Testament with foci on basic content as well as critical issues and exegetical and hermeneutical methodologies; 2) developed a self-awareness concerning his/her own social location and its relationship to the reading, thinking, and doing of biblical, historical, and theological work. Follow #ABSWBible across social media. Dr. LeAnn Snow Flesher, Dean and Professor of Old Testament, instructor

ST – 8284 THEOLOGY AS LIVING CONVERSATION: AN INTRODUCTION TO CHRISTIAN THEOLOGY: In this online course, students will be introduced to the complex and diverse discipline of Christian theology, conceived as a living conversation that takes place across time and cultures. The course will encourage students to claim their own places in this living conversation, and to grow into their identities as valued, theological conversation contributors, self-aware of their own social and cultural locations. Students will engage various theological methods, including ordinary, practical, systematic/constructive, liturgical, biblical, and public theology. Students’ understandings will be assessed through written work, online discussion, a media-appropriate project (involving perhaps Twitter, Storify, blogs, or infographics), and a final imaginative dialogue. The course will be taught from a commitment to liberative pedagogy in which students’ voices and experiences are encouraged and valued. Appropriate for MDiv, MCL, and MA students, and satisfies the required core theology course for at ABSW. Students from across the GTU are most welcome and encouraged to sign up for this course as well. Follow @TALC_theology on Twitter and #TALCabsw across social media. Dr. Jennifer Davidson, Associate Professor of Worship and Theology, instructor

LS – 8100 MISSIONAL LITURGY: This online course will address the relationship between social justice, ethical Christian formation, liturgical spirituality, and worship. Worship can happen anytime, anywhere. This course will examine missional implications of Sunday morning worship, but it will also explore emergent worship, worship at the margins, and the creation of worship spaces that are spaces of “eruption” where God’s transformative spirit is invited to erupt in the midst of oppressive circumstances. This course is intended for MDiv, MCL, and MA students. The course will require weekly written responses, Online collaborative engagement, and a final project of the student’s design. Follow @MissionaLiturgy on Twitter and #ABSWLiturgy across social media. Rev. Tripp Hudgins, PhD student and Director of Admissions at ABSW, instructor

Enroll today. Please contact the admissions office for more information:

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