A Land of Opportunity

ABSW’s Associate Professor of Church History, Dr. Ronald Burris,  and other clergy from Contra Costa County met with Assembly Woman Susan A. Bonilla to demonstrate the importance of faith in the community.  Here, Dr. Burris presents the Assembly Woman with some soil from Contra Costa County, representing the people of Contra Costa County, and the need for California to be a land of opportunity for all people.


Dr. Burris also met with Governor Jerry Brown regarding the “Land of Opportunity Initiative”, and the role of faith-based organizations in California’s future.  (Above) Dr. Burris adds soil, representing the people of Contra Costa County, to the soil contributed by other clergy from California.  Governor Jerry Brown looks on.


The soil was then presented to the governor by Dr. Burris and California clergy to symbolize the efforts of PICO, and to encourage the state government toward creating opportunity for all people in California. 

The entire article, as well as additional information about PICO, can be found at http://www.picocalifornia.org/page?id=0023

A slideshow of the events can be found at: http://salsa3.salsalabs.com/dia/track.jsp?v=2&c=PTD1jWRMmH89kegj4ZK5FZ6RAMseIEoV