Shaping Christian Leaders in Africa

Uganda is a beautiful place in central Africa where 30 million people call home.  I was privileged to spend eight wonderful days in that part of the world.  My host, the Rev. Dr. Paul Kim, a Missionary to Uganda, provided me with the opportunity to teach a course on Pastoral Theology to 70 students, some of whom traveled three days by car or bus to participate in the beginning stages of the Uganda Theological Seminary.

People came from Uganda, Burundi, Congo, Kenya, Tanzania and other parts of Africa to participate in two classes. The other course was a course taught by Dr. Mok entitled Church Leadership.

I shared in the opening ceremony of the seminary, preaching the initial sermon. I also had the marvelous privilege of worshipping in one of Uganda’s leading congregations outside of Kampala. We preached in that gathering and truly received the blessings of a wonderful God.

ABSW and UTS are exploring lines of communication and relationships that might become a cooperative endeavor for the future.

There is a great need for theological education in that part of the world. The presence of a Christian witness is greatly needed and through the Uganda Theological Seminary this need can be met. I was extremely gratified to be in the presence of men and women so hungry for the disciplines of education. The group was comprised of Bishops, Pastors, Missionaries, Evangelists and Lay People from the Methodist, Baptist, Pentecostal, Evangelical and African Alliance of Evangelicals.

Our seminary is concerned about establishing international relationships. We are planning to continue our conversations with representatives of UTS as we determine the contexts of our future relationship with this mission effort.

Dr. Paul M. Martin
American Baptist Seminary of the West

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